Edward William Priestley

Born 10.9.1940

In April 1986, Diagnosed with severe Aplastic Anaemia

This condition is documented, in most cases, in medical text books and papers, to be caused by exposure to many drugs, toxic chemical and radiations. I was exposed to toxic chemicals. The information contained within this site was obtained from research and built up over the last 19 years. I embarked upon the research to give me a better chance of survival and recovery, I made a full recovery!

Time spent fishing is not deducted from your lifespan - a fact known only by fishermen who never grow old!

Some fishermen stretch the truth about the size of their catch, you can see the two large trout shown in the picture above are real enough, just as real as all the other information to be found on this site!

If I die in mysterious circumstances, at least with this site and the many duplicate sets of information I have placed away for safety, will be preserved to serve others like myself.

The information is out there, good fishing.

Edward Priestley



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